My name is Colin.

I help businesses make money. Lots and lots of money.

My businesses that can turn your business into a revenue generating monster

A little bit about me.

I'm the cofounder of Presley and HattieLou Dowling.


I've worked previously as:

  • VP Channel Sales & Partner Solutions at Liquid Web
  • VP Sales at Media Temple
  • Enterprise Agencies Executive at WP Engine
  • VP Sales at ISON
  • Cofounder / Head of Biz Dev at Signature Electronics
  • Yelp, First Page Sage, Dell,  State Legislature of Texas

I've started at least a dozen businesses.

  • Some of them are still open.
  • Some of them are not.


I can be found on Twitter here.

I can be contacted here.

I cheer for the Tennessee Vols, the Houston Rockets, and the Houston Astros.

I work with WordPress usually, Drupal occasionally.

I've written over a million words that are still out there somewhere on the internet.

My hobbies include golf, good food, writing, and wine.

The Costa Mesa, CA tattoo artist that shares my name can be found here.