Colin Dowling

Sales / Marketing / Web Development / Entrepreneurship

A little bit about me.

I'm the cofounder of Presley and HattieLou Dowling.

I work as VP of Channel Sales &  Partner Solutions at Liquid Web.

I've worked previously as:

  • VP Sales at Media Temple
  • Enterprise Executive at WP Engine
  • VP Sales at ISON
  • Cofounder / Head of Biz Dev at Signature Electronics
  • Yelp, First Page Sage,  State Legislature of Texas

I've started at least a dozen businesses.

  • Some of them are still open.
  • Some of them are not.


I blog about business, tech, sales, and marketing here.

I can be found on Twitter here.

I can be contacted here.

I cheer for the Tennessee Vols, the Houston Rockets, and the Houston Astros.

I work with WordPress usually, Drupal occasionally.

My hobbies include golf, good food, writing, and wine.

The Costa Mesa, CA tattoo artist that shares my name can be found here.